Strengthen Your Resilience - Workshop Details

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Session 1

Welcome and Group Orientation.
Introduction to the Resilient Leaders Elements.
Getting started with your Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP).
Goal Setting.

Session 2

We explore the element, Clarity of Direction and its facets of Strategic Intent, Unifying Purpose and Determination. In addition, we you are also taken through the process of creating your own Strength Mantra, this will see you through the challenging times.

Session 3

We explore the element of Leadership Presence and its facets of Authentic, Serving and Intentional. Leadership Presence is concerned with the shadow of leadership you leave in a room and not the concept of the “hero” leader. 

Session 4

We delve into the element of Awareness and its facets of Self, Others and Environment.

Session 5

We explore the final element of Resilient Decision Making and its facets of Creative, Robust and Versatile. As part of this workshop you will be introduced to Personal Impact Statements (all particpants complete this task as part of the programme)

Session 6

As part of the final workshop, which is towards the end of the three month programme, participants share their Personal Impact Statement and we explore next steps.