Strengthen Your Resilience — A Leadership Development Programme

Starts Wednesday May 5th 2021

Centring on proven measurable growth to prevent future stress and anxiety

Join our accomplished leadership coach Jacqui Frost and strengthen your resilience

What You Get

Option 1

A single payment of

  • 6x Workshops
  • 2x Group Coaching Calls (a maximum of 5 participants on each call) 
  • 3 months access to a world class online leadership development programme
  • Email support
option 2 - limited availability

A single payment of


Everything in Option 1 - Plus:

  • 3 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • DISC personality profiling assessment
If you are a leader in an organisation and you are interested in providing this programme “ in-house” for a number of employees please contact me

PLUS Access to a world class online coaching tool — The Resilient Leaders’ Development Programme which includes:

  • Initial self-assessment looking at the frequency of different behaviours within the areas of awareness, clarity of direction, leadership presence and resilient decision making
  • A challenge engine which provides you with the opportunity to rehearse issues and conquer feelings of dread and fear in real-work or life environments
  • Feedback from colleagues
  • Reassessment at the end of the programme to evidence impact and growth
Lyn Peters

Founder - theplace2be

Undertaking the Strengthen Your Resilience leadership programme has been quite a revelation. If you’re feeling that the dots aren’t all joining up – whether in your business or home life – I’d definitely recommend this course.

Resilience means thriving; you at your very best

Resilience provides leaders with:

  • Confidence and strategies to deal with times of adversity
  • The ability to view undesirable experiences as learning opportunities not failure
  • The capacity to recognise external factors which impact upon everyday life
  • The skills to constructively lead in all situations
  • A strong sense of self-awareness — how a person’s behaviour can trigger negative responses in others
  • Strategies to use when working with challenging work-related issues

Is fear, anxiety or stress holding you back from achieving your goals?

Our 3-month interactive, online Leadership Development Programme is designed to enable leaders and aspiring leaders to become their very best.

Our programme adapts to suit your current leadership position and personality. It is designed to help leaders manage change and challenging situations, whilst simultaneously building confidence to prevent work-based pressure and mental anguish magnifying.

Providing direction, in both personal and professional development.

The result

You’ll develop the skills and strategies to live and work with less anxiety, understand yourself and others’ behaviours better and ensure success as an inspiring and resilient leader.

Jill Sandvig

Executive Headteacher of Our Lady of Walsingham Multi-Academy Trust

"This lady is amazing. Anyone who would like to work on resilience (any industry), get in touch. Brilliant!"

Is our programme for you?

  • Are you committed to growing as a leader?
  • Are you looking for effective leadership development?
  • Are you new to managing teams and looking for greater clarity as an emerging leader?
  • Are you aspiring to be promoted to leadership roles?
  • Are you a leader in your organisation needing reinvigoration?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this programme will meet your needs.

Carrie Warnekey

School Middle Leader, Hillside Primary School /Strengthen Your Resilience October 2020 cohort

"I have found this course really refreshing. Jacqui is really knowledgeable. Her previous work as a leader at a range of levels, supported me through the programme as she understood and had real first hand experience in the field.
The 1-1 coaching Jacqui provided was really insightful and developmental. It allowed me to progress professionally and personally, and gave me the confidence to look forward and keep going in my leadership quest.
The online platform, through the feedback engine and challenges were really helpful and well matched to my needs.

A great programme for leaders at all levels."

Prepared to be inspired and develop your resilience as a leader?

Frequently Asked Questions

I really want to join the programme but I can’t make all the workshops?

All workshops are recorded and along with the slides from each session sent to all participants in a follow up email.

Am I a leader?

You might be leading yourself in your business, working with a business partner, leading a team of 5, 10,15 or 20 people, leading a department in an organisation, supporting others to lead teams, a director, a manager, a CEO of an organisation.  Ask do you influence others?  The reach of influence is irrelevant. You are a LEADER!

Will this programme meet my needs?

Book a "Right Fit Call" or come to one of the introductory workshops, these will aid your decision making process. I can also arrange for you to chat to someone who has already completed the programme.

When will the programme run?

The programme begins on May 5th and runs until the July 25th 2021.

Do you run this programme “in house” for organisation?

Yes, if you are interested in running this programme for a group of leaders within your organisation please contact me directly.

Am I senior enough?

Investing in yourself at  any level of leadership is worthwhile. You will develop leadership skills that will stay with you as you journey through your business or career. 

Do I have to manage people or team to join this programme?

Leaders do indeed lead teams and people but a resilient leader needs to be able to lead themselves first. You might be leading yourself in your own business, with a partner or a small team.  There is no expectation that you must be leading a team of a specific size  to join this programme.

I am self employed, would this programme support me?

This programme is well suited to an individual who is leading themselves in their own business. I have had a number of entrepreneurs and self employed individuals  on previous programmes, they have gained a great deal from focusing on their own skill set. 

Is there a payment plan?


There are a number of employees in my organistion who would benefit from this programme, what should we do?

Please contact me so we can discuss the options available.

I want to join this programme, will my organisation pay for it?

Many organisations will pay for professional development such as this for their employees , if there is a direct impact on their role and performance. Please ask your HR Director or Manager to contact me directly.

Not sure if this is for you?

Join us for a FREE resilience introductory workshop to understand how we can help you. You will be taken through a Lite Assessment to focus on an area where you can build resilience and grow.

Want to discover more about this programme? Book a right fit call with The Leaders’ Coach today.

Jacqui Frost - The Leaders' Coach

Jacqui Frost is a trained coach and educational consultant, skilled at guiding individuals through demanding and at times, challenging processes.
Jacqui’s previous working experience in a variety of senior-level positions, combined with her inspirational and motivational coaching-style, ensures all clients are held in safe hands throughout their coaching journey. Jacqui guides individuals to develop greater leadership skills and resilience, regardless of their working and home-life situations.

Utilising coaching tool The Resilient Leaders’ Development Programme to direct business leaders and aspiring leaders, Jacqui has genuine measurable success for her clients in all areas of leadership including resilience.

Jacqui is:

- An accredited Resilient Leaders Consultant
- A trained coach to ICF standards
- A NLP Master Practitioner